Monday, 2 November 2015

We have finally finished digging all our sweet potatoes.! We figure we got over 10,000 lbs. We have most of them cured and moved into the cooler, just have a few more crates to move over and they will all be done and we can turn off the big green house.

We got our herb bowls and rosemary starts, stevia and succulent bowls moved into the little green house. Have been having trouble with the heater in there, but think we finally got it going.

We got the glad bulbs dug and I think we have double what we started with.  So next year will have lots to plant and hopefully have lots to cut! I also planted just over 200 tulip bulbs and am forcing Paper Whites in pots to hopefully have at the winter market, maybe in time for Christmas?!! I had someone give me a bunch of daffodil bulbs at market last week so need to get them planted tomorrow.  It's nice here today up in the mid 70's. We've only had one light frost so far and it did not really do much damage. Got the basil, but the basil was pretty well gone by then anyway.  Last week I cut a bunch of oregano, zaatar, sage, and fennel seeds and got them dehydrated. I'm now working on drying summer squash, peppers, green beans and eggplant.

Greg got the sweet potato ground tilled up last Friday. Now need to get the tomato field cleaned up; cages pulled up, plastic and drip tape pulled up and then tilled.  We got much needed rain over the weekend so hopefully the plastic will come up easier.

We just keep plugging away and one of these days we'll be done and able to sit back and relax! Ha;Ha!  We are already receiving new seed catalogs and I have already placed my order for next years ginger and turmeric seed stock!

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